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Since I was a kid, I enjoyed playing board games. As I grew up, I got into video games and over the past few years I have returned to board games.


Introducing Ragin' Racers!

Friendly Competition?

Do you enjoy friendly competition? 

I hope you said NO!

Start your engines, load your artillery and head to the starting line for the race of a lifetime. Destroy your rival's cars with several types of on board weapons or leave hazards in your wake for them to run over, but be prepared if you get to far ahead. Your rivals may be able to call in an Ariel Assualt to take you down!

Please remember that everything you see here is from a prototype. The final artwork is in progress and I will post updates of them as it comes together.



Design your track using the road pieces. Make sure use include the starting/finish line and that it connects back to itself. Shuffle the race cards.

Choose Your Car


Choose your color and take the matching dashboard to track your laps and damage. 



Roll for your starting positions. Highest roll starts on the inside lane.



Choose your roll:

Normal - Roll both die and choose which you want to use.

Redline - Roll both die and move the total but beware if the red die is higher than the blue die you take the difference as damage!



Use your marchine guns, spiked hupcaps, spike strips and other weapons to take down your rival racers.

Checkered Flag


Be the first to complete the chosen number of laps and race to victory lane!


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